Terms And Conditions

In this page, you can find the terms of use for our website (alongside all the referenced documents here). These terms apply to the service website and all its applications on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and web browsers. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering from our website.

When you visit our website or any application on your smart device, or use our website or any application on your smart device to purchase any goods or services, you are deemed to have agreed to comply with the following terms and conditions. Please note that if you refuse these terms and conditions, you will not be able to order any services through our website. If you do not agree to these terms of use, you may not use the Services in the future.

1.0 Information about Services Company:
1.1 We (referred to hereinafter as "we", "the seller") operate this website (referred to hereinafter as "the website") Services Company, a trading method for Services General Trading Company located in Kuwait.

2.0 Terms and Conditions:
2.1 These terms and conditions constitute notice only of any sales offer and any subsequent contract.

3.0 Service Provider Status:
When ordering any goods or services through our website or applications, you must include the following:

3.1 Residing in one of the countries where we provide our services.
3.2 Being at least 18 years old; all users who are considered minors (generally under 18 years old) in their jurisdiction of residence must obtain permission from their mother, father, or guardian when using this website and under their direct supervision. If you are a minor, your parents or legal guardians must read and agree to this agreement before using this website.
3.3 Residing in Kuwait.

4.0 Agreement:
4.1 Services Company is a platform that allows customers to order food and services from participating companies on our website. Additionally, our website is merely a means to select and place orders from restaurants or services participating on our website. We only act as an intermediary.

4.2 When you place an order through our website or applications, you will receive an email or phone notifications to confirm your order. Please note that this does not automatically mean approval of your order. Your order is only an offer to purchase food or service from the participating companies on our website. All orders are subject to approval by the restaurant or participating company, and we will confirm this approval through an email or phone notifications confirming the acceptance of your order. No contract between us will be valid until this confirmation message is sent.

5. Payment Terms:
5.1 When ordering through the website or our applications, you will need to select the payment method. Services Company does not concern itself with the details of your credit/debit card and does not store any of them, as orders can be paid directly in cash at the door or by credit card.

6. Delivery and Receipt of Products:
6.1 The product is yours after payment.
6.2 You must verify the entered information and correct any errors before clicking the "Confirm Order" button. Once you receive your order, we will start processing it and display a message confirming the receipt and successful delivery of your order to the restaurant. If your payment is rejected or not processed, please return to the previous page. Therefore, we are not obligated to provide any services.

6.3 If there is no customer at the specified address during the product delivery process, the order will not be delivered to any other address. You agree to accept all responsibilities arising from ordering products to an address that is found to be incorrect. In this case, the paid money will not be refunded.

6.4 There must be an authorized person to receive the order at the specified delivery location.

7. Discounts and Offers:
7.1 The restaurant is solely responsible and assumes no liability regarding the discounts and special offers on agreed-upon ordered products. We act as a platform for publishing the special offers that we are informed of by the restaurants or participating companies. If a discount or special offer is canceled by the restaurant or participating company, it is deemed appropriate by the restaurant and subject to its decision only. Services Company is not responsible for discounts or special offers rejected by the restaurants or participating companies before or after booking through our website.

7.2 The restaurants and participating companies registered on our website are solely responsible for menu prices, pictures, discount coupons, offers, minimum order amounts, and delivery fees stated on our website. Our website does not accept any responsibility arising from discrepancies between the price list displayed on Services Company and the delivery list specific to the restaurant or participating company. In case of any discrepancies, please notify Services Company of any differences to be verified by the concerned restaurant or participating company.

8. Delivery Fees:
Some products and services on our website may be subject to additional fees based on their category. If you request something that meets these conditions, the additional amount will be added to your order. The order provider is solely responsible for paying any delivery fees or gratuities prior to the delivery process. Services Company will not be responsible for paying or refunding these additional fees to you.

9. Order Payment:
9.1 The amount of orders placed through our website must be paid in full before delivery if the payment method is through Knet or credit cards. This is done through the payment pages on our website and the payment methods provided by third parties.

10. Ownership Rights:
10.1 The ownership of goods and their name belongs to the restaurant or participating company that serves the goods. The products will not be delivered to you until you have fully paid all amounts due.

10.2 We always reserve the right to maintain, block, or cancel the service while waiting for full payment of fees.

11. Delivery:
11.1 The delivery process will not begin until full payment is made (unless special conditions are agreed upon with us or the concerned restaurant).

11.2 Every effort will be made to ensure timely delivery of the order, but please note that the delivery date is my best estimate and I am not responsible for any losses resulting from delay or errors in the delivery process. We will not be held responsible for lost or damaged items during transportation. In such cases, you should claim compensation from the restaurant or participating company for damages or losses according to their policy.

11.3 We are not responsible for any loss or damage to goods in the event of an error during delivery. You must ensure that you provide clear instructions to the concerned restaurant for delivering the order to the desired location and passing it to the authorized person to receive the order. In the event of an error during delivery, it is the responsibility of the customer and the restaurant to rearrange the delivery process according to the terms of transportation. You can contact us if this settlement is not reached.

11.4 Acceptance of the order as delivered constitutes acceptance of the products and thus acknowledgment of fulfilling the promises stated in the contract. You must review the delivered products to ensure their accuracy and notify the delivery driver of any defects or errors in your order. If you do not contact us, we will not be able to accept complaints for any reason, such as incorrect delivery or missing items, etc.

12. Products:
12.1 We reserve the right to modify the details of any advertised products or services without notice. We make every possible effort to accurately describe the products available on this website, but we do not guarantee complete accuracy and do not assume any responsibility for any errors in the description or any resulting losses.

12.2 We do not sell or manufacture any products and do not participate in any form in the food production process. We only provide you with the ability to search for local restaurants that prepare and deliver food. We comply with the regulations and cleanliness standards applied to restaurant preparation and food service operations and safety requirements related to sales and marketing operations. Services Company is not responsible for the failure of participating restaurants to meet the necessary and sufficient accepted standards.

12.3 Restaurants must ensure that their food meets specific standards such as "organic" or "vegetarian" foods, or standards that take into account certain types of allergies such as "nut-free," "gluten-free," or "lactose-free." These can be declared as compliant. However, Services Company does not independently verify or guarantee that food products comply with these standards and that any of these food products may not be prepared in any other way or in an unauthorized environment. We cannot assume responsibility if...

14. Cancellation, Modification, and Refund of Orders:
14.1 If any orders are incorrect or need correction, they may be canceled up to 24 hours before the pre-determined delivery date and during working hours. The fees imposed on cancellations or changes made within 24 hours of the pre-determined delivery date are based on each restaurant's policy. For products with special prices for short delivery, you can cancel or change your order within 10 minutes after confirming your order. Due to the expedited nature used by restaurant partners in receiving and preparing customer orders, an order cannot be canceled after this time has elapsed.

14.3 You must notify us in writing of your decision to cancel your order. You can submit your request by following the instructions you receive. For orders that include products that have been specially prepared or designed for you, such as celebration cakes, or products that have been specially prepared according to your specific dietary needs and taste preferences that you have chosen yourself, we will process your request. cannot be sent. The cancellation notice must be sent to the support page.

14.4 Orders cannot be canceled if the manufacturing or delivery process has already begun.

The terms are subject to change at any time